UpdatedMonday September 10, 2018 byCYC West County.

A number of parishes in the district offer baseball and softball,check with your parish to find out if they are one that does. The season runs from April through June or early July depending on the weather.

***Due to low team numbers we have combined 4th grade and below with the St. Charles district. We will keep 2nd grade and below in a West County division to limit travel, but the numbers don't allow that in 3rd and 4th grade. There are some differences in 1st and 2nd grade between the districts so look at the rules closely. Teams in 5th grade and up will be playing in CYC wide divisional play under the CYC rules. All standings and information pertaining to the season will be posted on the St. Charles site at (4th grade and below) or the CYC cetral site at (5th grade and up).

If you're playing at a St. Charles district field you can check field status using (same service West County uses) by searcing for St. Charels Catholic Youth Council -(636) 496-0031