Updated Monday April 10, 2017 by Paul Counts.

Below you can download the West County Constitution, bylaws for the various sports, rules addendum for the various sports, and more.  For rule books please go to the CYC rulebooks page.

For information on submitting rosters read the Roster Submission Notes linked on the CYC Forms page.  You can also get a template of the CSV file there for reference.  If you have trouble locating or logging into your SportsSignup site contact a district representative (the sport chair or the secretary would be the best choice).

CYC West County Constitution.pdf
WC Baseball-Softball by-laws - 2017.pdf
WCCYC Baseball-Softball Rules Addendum -2017.pdf
2017 WCCYC and SttCharles Baseball-Softball Rules Grid.pdf
2017 WCCYC and StCharles Baseball-Softball rules Grid-2nd half of season.pdf